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Our Role: Illustrations, Motion Graphics, Video Editing
Tags: Branding, Animation, Illustrator, Motion Graphics, Video Editing
Year: 2016 - 2017 - 2018

Total Works

Motion Graphics Videos


The Art Beyond Borders

The Art Beyond Borders

The Art Beyond Borders

Name: The Art Beyond Borders
Client: Oniride
Our Role: AR Motion Graphics - Environment Designer - VR
Tags: AR, VR, Motion Graphics
Today, Michelin goes down the street to embark on a new journey, inside and beyond art. Through art, with creativity, creativity and irony, six artists tell the story of a company that started from France to cross the world, from a family that tried to take the globe in their hands to offer a small part to each of his clients:
the history of Michelin, so every trip, on every imagined, designed and traveled by man, is its mission.

Inside Neve VR Experience

Augmented Reality For Mobile Android and iPhone

In This Project i have animated for Augmented Reality all Works for all artists

1° Seacreative

2° Zed1

3° Camilla Falsini

4° Elisabetta Mastro

5° Nais

6° Neve

Try the Augmented Reality inside The Art Beyond Borders

Available on:

Europa InCanto

Europa InCanto

Europa InCanto

Know, sing and to love the opera has never been easier.
Challenge yourself in the performance, You will be guided in real time by the Conductor to improve your singing performance with feedback on your performance.
Move into theater environments, while special interactive content will guide you to discover Lyrics.
Name: OperApp
Client: Oniride
Our Role: Video Editor
Year: 2017


I designed the menù inside the application

Editing Video

I have sync all videos inside the application with the music sound

Motion Graphics

I have Created the Trailer

60 Movies 60 Seconds




In this short film i workerd on roto and tracking.
Clean all scenes, light switch, replace sky with clouds,
And designed and animated all Credits.

Name: Tempismo
Client: WeBreak
Our Role: Title, Roto, Motion Graphics
Year: 2017